The Healthy Kind Run Club is a community of like-minded, local women who love (or want to love) the art of running. 

You'll find encouragement, guidance and support, all in a natural and nurturing environment.

We keep it fresh, focused and we have a lot of fun.



The Healthy Kind run club regularly participates in local events such as City to Surf, HBF Run for a Reason and Swan River Run so you can put your run skills to the test! It’s not competitive – you need to learn how to pace yourself, what tempo is best for your body so you can replicate that your big goal race!

What does Run Club offer you?

So much more than trying to run on your own.

Your coach will be waiting and your group is waiting – so if you are part of the Healthy Kind, you are far more likely to turn up and run. When you have committed to our group that you are planning to enter a 10km fun run, a half marathon or even a marathon,  you feel more compelled to work at it and achieve it, just by turning up at the sessions!

Each session is a different challenge – we don’t do the same run over and over. Yes running can be fun! Our runners enjoy some friendly banter and make training enjoyable rather than a chore.

Running on your own can be boring and lonely. Sometimes, we all like the solitude of running, but other times when it feels hard or tedious it’s good to have someone to have chat with or just run alongside. You don’t have to be running in the group the whole time or with someone all the way to get the social benefits of RUN CLUB. Warming up with someone, or doing your stretches afterwards and chatting, or going for a coffee after your run are the fun and social aspects of being in the group.

Meeting like-minded people
Running like all sports attracts people with similar goals and lifestyles, so it’s great to able to compare notes on races and events and to just talk running to other runners. You’ll meet some amazing women who will inspire and motivate you. Our run hub is perfect for mingling with other Perth women runners.

Improve your running
The advice you can get from a Coach is invaluable. If you are out there just running and no idea really of what you are doing you run the risk of becoming injured from either over training or training the wrong way. There is a right way to run and coaching and advice from other runners who have been there and done that can really help you prevent making mistakes with your running.

We’d love to invite you onto a run to get meet the group and see how you go. No experience is necessary!